Point Source

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Point sources are the interfaces to the outside. They provide loads for the hydrological system either in the form of a constant pattern, which consists of an average value combined with annual, weekly or daily patterns, or a time series, which is managed in the Time series manager. This makes it possible to introduce observed or generated loads into the hydrological system. An interface to other models is provided by the possibility of importing external data into the Time series manager.

A point source offers two different options for entering the load:

Option 1
as a constant pattern, which repeats daily, monthly and/or annually
Option 2
as observed or generated time series taken from the Time series manager

In addition to a load in the form of discharge, point sources can also input substances into the system. The input options are similar to those for discharge, but you can additionally select whether the input is to be interpreted as freight in kg/s or as concentration in mg/l. The input is only effective if a discharge > 0 m³/s is entered.