Possible applications of Talsim-NG

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Talsim-NG is the right tool for many different tasks:

  • Rainfall-runoff simulations (both flood and long-term scenarios)
  • River basin modelling and management
  • Management of reservoirs, flood control reservoirs, dams or dam systems for various uses (water supply, flood protection, low flow augmentation, energy production, compliance with minimum releases, recreational use)
  • Water quality simulations
  • Coupling of water quantity and water quality considerations
  • Dimensioning of water resource management facilities
  • Operational use of Talsim-NG for water management in connection with a monitoring system

Talsim-NG includes the necessary tools for water resource analyses:

  • Time series management
  • Management of simulations and their results including result comparison
  • Long-term simulations / short-term forecasts
  • Request and output of arbitrary state variables
  • Calculation of useful parameters such as balance values or probabilities

Process-based hydrological modelling

Processes and features:

  • Precipitation-runoff component + snow compaction
  • Soil moisture and crop water requirements calculation
  • Up to 6 soil layers
  • Snow simulation
  • Hybrid hydrological/hydraulic flood routing
  • Non-linear atmosphere-vegetation-soil interface
  • Hybrid hydrological/hydraulic flood routing,
  • Hydraulic modelling of weirs, diversions, pipes
  • Crop water requirements
  • Irrigation
  • Reservoir operation
  • Water quality
  • Hydropower
  • Conceptual groundwater modelling
  • Nested modelling of sub-basins with high spatial resolution
  • Generic rule builder for water management options
  • Pre-processing and post-processing
  • Multicriteria optimization
  • Time series manager
  • Project and scenario manager
  • Client-Server architecture

Gridded or watershed oriented approach

Talsim-NG can be used for both gridded or watershed oriented concepts

Atmosphere / Vegetation / Soil Interface for Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation


Linkage of flow components

Linkage of flow components.png

Surface and sub-surface flow components between elements are interconnected. If soil downstream is saturated, flow from the upstream cell is impeded:

  • Backwater effects
  • Surface flow accumulates from element to element

Nested modelling

A model within a model!

If necessary, sub-basins can be simulated with different resolutions and levels of detail within a large river basin model.

Nested modelling.png

Crop water requirements

Comparison CropWat (FAO) vs. Talsim-NG

Crop water requirements.png

Hybrid hydrological / hydraulic modelling

Hybrid hydrological and hydraulic modelling.png

Water quality and stratification modelling

Water quality and stratification modelling.png

Talsim-NG in operational mode

Automation from data retrieval to sending e-mails when operational simulation runs are required

Talsim-NG in operational mode.png

Client-Server environment

Client-Server environment.png

Emulated Client-Server environment

Emulated client-server environment Client and Server run on the same computer

Emulated Client-Server environment.png

Participatory modelling / serious gaming

Talsim-NG as tool for capacity building:

1) Topic: Live interaction between water managers
2) Tool: Put operators in various positions

  • upstream perspective, downstream perspective
  • exposes stakeholders to different levels of dependencies
  • shows effects with/without data sharing
  • demonstrates effects with/without cooperation
  • mimics flood / drought events

3) Activity: A group of water managers plays at the same time