Menu Bar of the Project Manager

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The following menu items and commands are available in the project manager menu bar:


The View menu item gives the user the option to refresh the project manager window (e.g. after importing a variant) or adjust the column sizes in the simulations' section.


Via the Projects+Scenarios menu item, the projects and scenarios can be edited.

New project A new, empty, and inactive project is created.
New scenario A new, empty, scenario is created and assigned to the active project.
Activate The selected project or scenario is activated (Datei: Benutzeroberfläche00029.png).
Edit The Edit project or Edit scenario dialog window, in which information on the selected project or scenario can be edited, opens.
Delete The selected scenario or project is deleted. Deleting a project also deletes all its scenarios. This operation cannot be undone.
Import scenario Imports an ASCII-Dataset as a scenario that is automatically assigned to the active project. Upon clicking "Import scenario" the user is prompted to enter the path of the *.SYS file of the desired dataset. This file contains the data of the flow network map.
NASIM import
Copy scenario The selected scenario is copied. New name: Import: old name. A new simulation (without results) is created automatically.
Export scenario Exports a scenario in the format of an ASCII-Dataset.
Import results
Simulation folder
Design storms
Export scenario to server The active scenario is exported to the server. Caution: The results of the active simulation are uploaded. If there are no active simulations, the scenario is not exported. A simulation must first be activated.