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Function Bar


Talsim-NG provides the following functions for editing:

Button Systemverwaltung.PNG Projects and Scenario Manager
Button Datenbanken anschließen.PNG Connect Databases
Button Systemplan Speichern.PNG Save Flow Network
Button Systemlogik prüfen.PNG Check Flow Network Connectivity
Button Elementliste alphabetisch.PNG Sort Elements Alphabetically
Button Elementliste nach Berechnungsreihenfolge sortiert.PNG Sort Elements According to Order of Calculation
Button Systemelement suchen.PNG Find Element
Button Zustandsgruppenfenster.PNG Edit Control Clusters
Button Zielfunktionenfenster.PNG Edit Objective Functions
Button Systemplanübersicht.PNG Switch Flow Network Map overview on/off
Button Systemplandarstellung Optionen.PNG Flow Network View Options
Button Zeitreihenverwaltung.PNG Time Series Manager
Button Hochwasserwellenstatistik.PNG Flood Administration
Button Ganglinienfenster.PNG Edit Fixed Time Series Pattern
Button Start Langzeitsimulation.PNG is no longer supported
Button Fenster Kurzfristprognose.PNG Edit Short-Term Simulation
Button Hilfe.PNG Help

The toolbar only becomes visible, if a project with a variant has already been created.

System Element Bar

The system element bar is a part of the flow network map. It can be used to drag and drop the system elements from Talsim-NG onto the system plan and, thus, create new system elements


  • sub-basin
  • point source
  • transport elements
  • diversion
  • consumer/source
  • reservoir/storage