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Talsim-NG is a hybrid hydrologic/hydraulic river basin model. It is designed to capture all hydrological situations from flood to drought. The software concept is modular and scalable, meaning that a water resources system can be tailored according to the actual needs. Talsim-NG does not imply any limits for the spatial resolution of hydrological systems. The temporal resolution as simulation time step can vary from one minute to one month. Talsim-NG was applied for watersheds < 10 km² up to river basins > 3,000,000 km² (e.g. entire Nile system).

The main features of Talsim-NG are:
- Precipitation-Runoff modelling, including snow simulation / - Flood routing and hydraulic simulation of weirs, diversions, pipes / - Complex atmosphere-vegetation-soil module / - unlimited configuration of operation rules, reservoir operation / - conceptual groundwater model / - Nested modelling (high spatial resolution models are embedded in coarser model environments) / - Wetland modelling / - Crop water requirements and irrigation / - Watertemperature and water quality / - Time series manager / - Project and Scenario manager / - Client-Server Architecture.

This Wiki contains the official documentation of Talsim-NG.

This Wiki is constantly being maintained and expanded. Individual sections are still under construction.


Theoretical basics

The following chapter contains detailed information about the theoretical basics of Talsim:

Model setup and usage

The most important steps to setup and use a Talsim-NG river basin model are explained in the following chapters:

Graphical user interface

Software architecture