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During each simulation the data set is temporarily stored under D:\Talsim-NG\Client\TalsimNG\Simulation. They are deleted again after closing TALSIM NG. If the simulation is aborted, an ASCII file *.ERR is created which contains a short description of the cause of the abort.

Furthermore, a more detailed description of the cause can be read by right-clicking on the simulation under the Error message button.

Cause for termination of the simulation

  • Simulation period is outside the date of the time series
  • In the state groups the calculation order was not updated when inserting new control groups
  • Overflow of storage elements, due to too large inflow or too small outflow. Inserting an emergency overflow is necessary.
  • Error in the rules and controls

Copy / export variants

If variants are not copied or exported, it is because there is no active simulation. The reason could be the deletion of the active simulation. For this reason you have to right-click on the simulation -> Activate simulation in the variant to be copied.

Error messages in system editor

"The maximum number of <XXX> or system elements already exists!"

Cause: The maximum number of system elements of a certain type is already reached.

Open the file \Client\TalsimNG\Definition\TalsimDef.mdb in Microsoft Access in the installation directory, open the table "SystemObjectType" and adjust the value in the field "MaximumNumber" for the desired type. Close the database again and restart Talsim for the changes to take effect.