Creating a user

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This page is a translated version of the page Anlegen eines Benutzers and the translation is 100% complete.
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Note: Users are specific to each customer! If a user should have access to several customers, the user must be created separately for each customer.

  1. Create users in the database:
    • Open the following database on the server: ...\Talsim-NG\customers\<CustomerName>\projectData\admin\dataBase\admin_data.mdb
    • In the table TalsimUser create the new user, a GUID can be generated e.g. here
  2. Create directory structure:
    • Use the batch-file Organize_TalsimNG_CreateUser.bat to create a new directory structure for the user locally and then copy it to the appropriate place on the server
  3. Create area and time series databases:
    • Copy any existing territory and time series databases to the user's directory and rename them accordingly
    • Optional: Connect the territory database in Talsim and delete unwanted scenarios/simulations