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BlueM.Opt is an optimization framework that can be coupled with an arbitrary simulation software. It can be used to optimize or carry out a sensitivity analysis for any parameters in a Talsim dataset while evaluating the simulation results against flexibly definable objective functions.

The source code and the latest release version are available at

How to use BlueM.Opt with Talsim::

  • Export the Talsim dataset as an ASCII dataset
  • Create the required BlueM.Opt input files
  • In the EXT file, make sure that PATHLocal contains the absolute path to the required input time series.
  • In the ALL file, set ObjectiveFunction=N.
  • Start BlueM.Opt and optimize or start a sensitivity analysis.


  • The simulation time period must be fixed (i.e. scenario simulations with varying simulation time periods are not supported).